Regular fuel testing is paramount to the early detection and treatment of fuel quality issues.

Our standard laboratory examination checks and analyses the extent of microbiological growth in your fuel. This includes:

  • Visual Analysis (Internal based on ASTM D4176)
  • Total Viable Bacteria count (IP613 or IP385)
  • Totalviable Fungal count (IP613 or IP385)
  • Qualitative identification of Sulphate Reducing Bacteria (SRB's)
  • Fuel Cleanliness (ISO4406, ASTM D975, ASTM 7619, IP565, IP PM FA, DEF STAN 91-091, DEF STAN 91-86)
  • Fuel haze factor (Internal based on ASTM D4176)
  • Filter Blocking Tendency (IP387)

For further analyses' such as total particulate contamination, inorganic contamination or biodiesel quality checks please get in touch with Fuelcare for a full quotation. Simply send your samples to Fuelcare as securely as possible, preferably in a sealed plastic container, using a dangerous goods approved courier along with an MSDS of the fuel sample itself. A sample of between 100ml and 500ml is usually sufficient for most tests, however please contact Fuelcare if you are unsure.