KATHON™ FP 1.5 is the world's only fuel biocide globally recognised as safe & effective for aviation applications. KATHON™ biocide technology helps preserve fuel from microbial growth and is used across a wide range of industries, not just aviation.


Fuelcare are fuel quality specialists. Since 1989, we have provided solutions to prevent & treat fuel problems with a key specialism in the microbiological contamination of hydrocarbon fuels ('The Diesel Bug'). Fuelcare provide services to all fuel-using industries from small yachts to global mining companies. Our range of services to preserve & improve fuel quality include:
  • Fuel Preservative Treatments
  • Fuel Testing
  • Consultancy
  • Fuel Engineering Services

Fuel Quality

New environmental rules & changes to refining processes mean fuel quality is changing. As sulphur content is lowered & biofuel components increased, overall fuel quality suffers. Fuelcare provide a wide range of innovative solutions to almost any fuel quality problem. Our unique fuel dosing systems provide complete fuel protection irrespective of delivered fuel quality or changing fuel legislation.
KATHON™ FP 1.5 Fuel Biocide
KATHON™ FP 1.5 is the world’s leading broad-spectrum preservative and disinfectant for treatment of diesel, aviation, kerosene and heating fuels. KATHON™ FP 1.5 combines exceptional activity with broad spectrum performance.
fuelclear M68 Biocide & Test Kits
Fuelclear M68 products test & treat microbial fuel contamination (’The Diesel Bug’) in Diesel & Petrol. M68 is used primarily for small-scale marine, rail, agriculture & home heating applications.
ECOCLEAN ™ HSDI Rail Fuel Detergent
By counteracting the problems of injector fouling and filter blocking in modern HSDI diesel engines, EcoClean™ HSDI can improve driveability, recover lost power, increase fuel economy and reduce exhaust emissions.
OCTAMAR ™ LI-5 PLUS Marine Fuel Preservative
Octamar™ LI-5 Plus is a powerful Lloyds Register approved marine preservative. Octamar™ LI-5 Plus ensures your fuel can be stored effectively & burnt efficiently leading to improved fuel economy, emissions, power, noise & vibration.
Only in the most demanding circumstances do we realise the importance of FUEL QUALITY. Fuelcare protect & improve fuel, irrespective of specification, industry or symptom.