VLSFO and the impact of FuelResolve™ Marine Detergent


VLSFO (Very Low Sulpher Fuel Oil) is a type of marine fuel that contains very low sulphur, the use of which has risen following the 2020 IMO regulation changes that enforced a 0.5% global cap on sulphur in marine fuels. 

Whilst complying with the new regulations, there are no specific requirements in the manufacturing of these marine fuel blends which has led to inconsistencies in production and performance. 

With many large marine vessels starting to operate using either VLSFO or LSFO it is clear they are increasingly changing the fuel specifications for marine shipping influencing changes in engine efficiency, fuel performance, fuel economy and most notably, fuel emissions. 

Despite VLSFO’s being typically more efficient than that of HSFO’s (High Sulpher Fuel Oil) when it comes to burning energy, many consider VLSFO’s to be unsafe with known incidents of operational problems leading to engine failure. 

An equal concern is the uncertainty on whether the long term production can be sustained as continued storage of VLSFO is yet to be tested at length.

Fuelcare has recently introduced FuelResolve™,  a system designed for reducing CO2 and harmful emissions, improving fuel economy and engine power output.

By design, FuelResolve™ combats the buildup of deposits in injectors used in work boats such as OSV’s, Tugs, Ferries and Superyachts, those that can run on VLSFO. 

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