Supporting the UK Rail industry with FuelClear MB15 and automated systems


Fuelcare has worked closely with the UK rail industry for over 10 years providing support in fuel infrastructure with fuel testing, tank audits, tank cleaning and fuel treatment services.

Recognised as one of the only approved fuel biocide manufacturers for use in the UK & EU under the biocidal products regulation, Fuelcare have partnered with Govia Thameslink, South Western Railway, ScotRail, London West Midlands, Transport for Wales, Great Western Railway amongst others.

Featured in Rail Technology Magazine - Fuelcare’s rail products are high performing fuel additives which provide great opportunities across the industry for cleaner and more efficient engines whilst equally reducing carbon emissions.

How do fuel additives like FuelClear™ MB15 benefit the Rail industry?

  • Fuel protection against bacterial contamination
  • Effective in systems containing water and fuel 
  • Lasts over extended periods of time
  • Cleaner combustion in engines

The facilitation of fuel additives for rail is equally supported by specialised injection systems engineered by Fuelcare to enable injection of fuel at incredibly high doses and compatible across multiple engine types and operating conditions.

For more information about FuelClear™ MB15 or to contact Fuelcare directly regarding commercial rail products click here.