FuelClear™ MB15 approved under UK & EU Biocide Regulations


Fuelcare has recently received confirmation from the International Flavours and Fragrances Inc (IFF) that FuelClear™ MB15 biocide is approved under the transitional fuel biocide product regulations in both the UK and EU. These laws are now in force and full approval is expected in 2023. 

The GB Biocidal Product Regulation (GB BPR) performed a detailed review of the most relevant active substance-product type combinations throughout the UK to determine which product types can be used moving forward.

This confirmation means that FuelClear™ MB15 has transitional approval from GB BPR as well as EU and can continue to be sold and used both in the UK and Europe. 

FuelClear™ MB15 is a high-performance fuel biocide specifically designed to overcome the issues caused by microbial contamination in hydrocarbon fuels.

A highly effective and well tested fuel biocide, FuelClear™ MB15 can be dosed in both low and high rates with the added benefit being that the core active properties are not deactivated by water. 

With the new regulations in place, Fuelcare anticipates that there will be a significant reduction in fuel biocide products available within the European market as buyers will need to select a biocide that is approved.

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