Fuelcare receive EU approval for FuelClear™ Fuel Biocide


Following what has been over a decade of work, Fuelcare is delighted to announce that it has received EU approval for FuelClear™ Fuel Biocide in line with the E.U Biocidal Products Regulations. 

This means the European Union Authorisation of this product across the E.U. (approval for U.K. use remains in place) with Product Type 6.

FuelClear™ Fuel Biocide is designed to combat microbial contamination and related operational problems in refined fuels including diesel, biodiesel, petrol, gas oil kerosene and can now be used in all hydrocarbon fuels across the E.U (and soon to be the UK).

Treatment with FuelClear™MB15 will kill off bacterial and fungal contamination and assist the breakdown of congestion in large fuel running engines. This will help to prevent filters from blinding, and allow clean fuel to flow normally.

For more information on FuelClear™ Fuel Biocide or to contact Fuelcare directly for commercial enquiries click here.