Fuelcare Ecoclean™ HSDI - What are PIBSI fuel detergents?


Polyisobutylene Succinimides (PIBSI) is a fuel additive widely used in the production of fuel detergents. PIBSI fuel detergents come with an extensive range of purposes and benefits especially when used in engines that heat oil.

Well known for emulsification properties, PIBSI fuel detergents improve fuel efficiency without impacting fuel combustion and can be used in all types of diesel fuel and gas oil.

Widely used across diesel shipping fleets and both bus and rail industries, PIBSI fuel detergents not only improve engine efficiency but also reduce engine maintenance by helping prevent soot formation and other harmful engine deposits. 

Fuelcare is home to EcoClean™ HSDI, the world’s most powerful fuel detergent. With years of experience in fuel technology and fuel testing, Fuelcare developed EcoClean™ HSDI to overcome the huge problems associated with fuel contaminants and engine pressures. 

Typically dosed using fuel additive injector such as FuelClear™ Additive Injection System and compatible with most fuel engines, EcoClean™ HSDI transforms engines to a ‘like new’ condition whilst contributing to cleaner emissions without compromising engine power. 

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