fuelclear M68 Fuel Biocide

Fuelclear M68 cures & prevents bacterial & fungal contamination (’The Diesel Bug’) in Diesel, Gas Oil, Petrol, Heating Oil, Biodiesel & Fuel Emulsions. In contrast to KATHON™ FP 1.5, fuelclear M68 is designed for smaller volumes of fuel where a 250ml bottle is sufficient such as small yachts, home heating applications or power generation.

M68 Active Ingredients

M68 uses a powerful active chemistry called ‘CMIT/MIT’ that rapidly neutralises harmful microbial growth. CMIT/MIT has been used for over 20 years as a highly effective anti-microbial ingredient in fuel biocides, used widely in global shipping, oil & gas and aviation sectors for its safety, efficacy & speed.

M68 Application

When used in your fuel tanks, fuelclear M68 helps separate the water (found in every fuel tank) from fuel, ensuring the continuation of your regular fuel & tank housekeeping procedures. M68 also helps preserve fuel quality during long periods of fuel inactivity. Fuelclear is availabe in a 250ml bottle that treats 1,500 litres of clean fuel and 750 litres of contaminated fuel. It is used at the dosage rates of 333ppm and 666ppm for clean & contaminated fuel respectively. 10ml of M68 treats 60 litres of clean fuel (1:6000) or 30 litres of spoilt fuel (1:3000). Fuel will be ready to use after 6 hours, however, a minimum of 12 hours is recommended. The product has been proven to work on all Diesel & Biodiesel types including B100.

Regulations / Bacterial Resistance

fuelclear M68 conforms to all E.U. Biocide Products Directive legislation. The active chemistry CMIT/MIT has been notified under B.P.D. rules. Product is not for aviation use - for aviation use, contact Fuelcare & request KATHON FP 1.5™. Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use. FOR PROFESSIONAL USERS ONLY. Biocidal bacterial resistance is not comparable to medical anti-biotic resistance of bacteria. Because CMIT/MIT biocides use a chemical mechanism of bacterial neutralisation, as opposed to an organic one, contaminant cells are eradicated in whole as opposed to being disabled and then able to adapt.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fuelclear M68?
Fuelclear M68 is a fuel preservative or ‘biocide’, designed to extend the life of your fuel & fuel system by neutralising ‘The Diesel Bug’ - bacteria & fungi found commonly in fuel supplies all over the world.

What are the symptoms of ‘The Diesel Bug’?
Discoloured fuel, a foul ‘egg-like’ smell from your fuel, sludges in tank bottoms, slimes on tank walls, filter blockages (leading to fuel starvation), fuel pump failure and tank corrosion.

I don’t have a problem right now, should I use Fuelclear M68?
‘The Diesel Bug’ is ubiquitous. It is found in nearly every litre of untreated fuel regardless of provenance & local regulations. It is transferred in your fuel at a size impossible to see with the naked eye (< 5μm). Given a growth medium (water, also now ubiquitous in fuel supplies) and ideal temperatures (5ºC - 50ºC) microbial growth can lead to fuel degradation within days.

I have severe symptoms of ‘The Diesel Bug’ - what do I do now?
Remove all sludges, slimes & water from your fuel tank by physical means. Dose Fuelclear M68 at 1:3000 (10ml of M68 per 30 litres of fuel). See precautions on back of box before dosing.

What about bacterial resistance?
This is a common problem in medical applications where anti-biotic resistance of bacteria is becoming increasingly feared. Because CMIT/MIT-based biocides use a chemical mechanism of bacterial neutralisation (as opposed to an organic mechanism), cells are eradicated in whole, leading to long term effective use without failure. Organic mechanisms (including those of organic-based fuel treatments) are still susceptible to this problem. Chemical mechanisms which eradicate whole cells and break down the 'Krebs cycle', such as CMIT/MIT biocides, are not.

How do I know it will work?
Fuelclear M68 is produced by Fuelcare, a company with 25 years experience in protecting fuel from ‘The Diesel Bug’ and improving fuel quality. Our business was founded by a former marine engineer with over 50 years experience in fuel-related issues.

When can I use my fuel again?
After treating with Fuelclear M68, fuel is ready to use within 12 hours.

What is the shelf life of this bottle?
From manufacture, shelf life is 2 years. Expiry date is on the base of the box.

Can I put Fuelclear M68 in the fuel tanks aboard my boat?
Yes, M68 can be used in any fuel-using application.

Can I put Fuelclear M68 in the fuel tanks on my tractor or farm equipment??
Yes, M68 can be used in any fuel-using application.

How long does the Fuelclear M68 protect my fuel?
As a preventative measure in a standard fuel tank with a minimal degree of microbial growth, 3 months. Where significant growth has been detected, this will be lessened.

What other precautions can I take to prevent ‘The Diesel Bug’?
Dewater your tanks and test with the M68 Test Kit every 3 months.

I cannot get access to my tank to dewater, what should I do?
Do not run down your fuel tank. Dose M68 into the tank and refill. Call Fuelcare for recommendations on tank cleaning.

Does M68 work with Diesel & Biodiesel?
Yes. The product has been proven to work on all Diesel & Biodiesel types including B100.

Will it corrode or degrade my fuel system?
The product has been used with no material compatability issues seen for over 20 years. Most engine manufacturers approve 3rd party preservative products.

fuelclear M68 Test Kits

Fuelclear M68 test kits are a simple, accurate and cost-effective method for continuously monitoring the presence of bacteria & fungi (’The Diesel Bug’) in hydrocarbon fuels. Unlike some tests, M68 detects both Bacterial & Fungal contamination and has been used by some of the world's largest shipping companies for detection of microbes in fuel storage.

M68 Test Kit Application

The pack contains 2 ‘dipslide’ kits: 1 test can be performed prior to treatment with fuelclear M68 biocide, and 1 test 24 hours after treatment. Alternatively, use as an ongoing cost-effective test method. The dipslides can be used to detect bacteria (the yellow side of the test kit) or fungi (the pink side) in either water bottoms (i.e. the layer of water at the base of the fuel tank) or the fuel itself. Each slide is covered in the suspect fuel for 5-10 seconds. Following 48 hours incubation (locate the dipslides at room temperature or somewhere slightly warmer such as an engine room), review the dipslides for microbial colonies. Each colony represents a concentrated area upon which microbes have developed. If there is any concern over the veracity of the result, repeat the test with another dipslide or contact Fuelcare. If the test reveals medium to extreme growth treat urgently with fuelclear M68 fuel biocide.

M68 Test Kit Calibration

fuelclear M68 Documentation

fuelclear M68 Stockists

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A.S.A.P. Supplies (U.K.)

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Filter Solutions (U.K.)

Filter Solutions Ltd
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SilMid Ltd (U.K.)

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Pinmar Supply (Majorca, Spain)

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J.M. Scicluna (Malta)

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Marine Technical Assistance (Sardinia, Italy)

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Tel: +39 328 1956056

Oy Kotka Yacht Store (Finland)

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Tel: +358 50 4315 171

Freedom Maritime (France)

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James Molinary Ltd (Gibraltar)

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