Comprehensive Analyses for all Industries

Fuel Testing is a fundamental tool in the preservation of fuel quality by providing early warning of impending problems. Fuelcare provide a range of test kits for engineers to regularly monitor their fuel quality on site, and our modern U.K. fuel laboratory also provides comprehensive analyses on fuel, filters & injectors for all industries, irrespective of fuel specification or problem.

Fuelcare specialise in small-scale fuel testing services where detailed information on the fuel sample and recommendation on remedial services is required. All test methods are performed to either IP, ISO, ASTM standards (excepting visual analysis - improved on existing methods).

Standard Laboratory Examination

Our standard laboratory examination checks and analyses the extent of microbiological growth in your fuel. This includes:

 • Visual Analysis (Internal based on ASTM D4176)

 • Total viable Bacteria count (IP613 or IP385)

 • Total viable Fungal count (IP613 or IP385)

 • Qualitative identification of Sulphate Reducing Bacteria (SRB's)Fuel haze factor (Internal based on ASTM D4176) 

 • Fuel Cleanliness (ISO4406, ASTM D975, ASTM 7619, IP565, IP PM FA, DEF STAN 91-091, DEF STAN 91-86) 

For further analyses' such as total particulate contamination, inorganic contamination or biodiesel quality checks please get in touch with Fuelcare for a full quotation. Simply send your samples to Fuelcare as securely as possible, preferably in a sealed plastic container, using a dangerous goods approved courier along with an MSDS of the fuel sample itself. A sample of between 100ml and 500ml is usually sufficient for most tests, however please contact Fuelcare if you are unsure.

Regular Testing

Regular testing of your fuel for microbial growth is extremely important to the good housekeeping of your fuel & tanks. Fuelcare offer a range of ancillary items to help sample your tanks including bottom sampling devices, sterile sample jars, syringes and incubation devices. Once your test is complete, Fuelcare offer same day feedback on results via email including any follow up actions or treatment necessary. Industrial users should always consider regular laboratory fuel analyses to complement field testing. Our tests can show a greater depth of information on your fuel and also ways to improve your fuel quality, as well as a range of treatments that may be required.

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