Comprehensive Analyses for all Industries

Fuel Sampling is a key tool in the testing of fuel quality - often described as more of an art than science, Fuelcare provide a full suite of sampling advice and site services in line with industry practices. These include adherance to sampling guidance from the Energy Institute ('Guidelines For The Investigation Of The Microbial Content Of Petroleum Fuels And For The Implementation Of Avoidance And Remedial Strategies') and ISO 3170 ('Petroleum liquids — Manual sampling').

Sampling Services

Fuelcare's sampling services are available globally and from any industry, utilising the latest techniques and sampling equipment. Fuelcare advise on types of sample required for particular purposes - for example tank bottom or drain off sampling points for microbial growth detection, or delivery line sampling for representative samples from delivered fuels. Since our inception in 1989, Fuelcare have provided sampling services to industries including Offshore, Marine, Aviation, Rail, Forecourt & Power Generation.