ECOCLEAN ™ HSDI Bus & Rail Fuel Detergent

ECOCLEAN™ HSDI is the world’s most powerful fuel detergent. Using tried and trusted chemistry, ECOCLEAN™ removes harmful engine deposits, improving fuel storage & combustion. Used widely across European automotive retail fuels, Fuelcare can now offer ECOCLEAN™ to the Bus & Rail industries to preserve or improve fuel characteristics. In addition to preserving engines, ECOCLEAN™ improves the solubility of fuel ensuring Biodiesel and Sulphur changes (and components that become unstable) do not then affect combustion efficiency.

ECOCLEAN™ ensures harmful deposits are removed from both mid-life engines (’clean up’) and new engines (’keep clean’). Through advanced detergent chemistry, ECOCLEAN™ HSDI offers the following benefits:

  • Prevent fuel filter & pump blocking
  • Prevent injector sticking
  • Improve power output
  • Improve economy (typically 2-4% but can be up to 8%)
  • Increase lube oil life
  • Reduce emissions (up to 45%)
  • Reduce engine noise & vibration

Through decades of diesel engine testing (Millbrook proving ground), co-operation with nearly every major fuel retailer, a range of OEM’s (including Cummins) and independent trials (Interfleet Technology) ECOCLEAN™ HSDI has proven engine & fuel performance capability. Deposits agglomerate throughout HSDI engines caused by fuel contaminants, engine pressures & temperatures.

New high pressure fuel injectors or high pressure common rail systems create temperatures (200°C) & pressures (30,000 psi) never seen before. Modern injection technologies are designed to facilitate compliance with stringent emission targets - increased pressures are required to generate adequate fuel flow through reduced dimension labyrinth. Diesel & Biodiesel are unstable at these extremes & break down forming particulates which then deposit in the engine & fuel system. Detergents ensure fuel remains stable even under these conditions.

ECOCLEAN™ HSDI Detergent prevents deposits forming in new engines and cleans existing deposits out of mid-life engines. By keeping engines ‘like-new’ or in ‘factory condition’ ECOCLEAN™ HSDI ensures consistent performance from the engine components as well as fuel efficiency. HSDI cleans injectors, filters, pipework, pumps & tanks through an advanced antifoulant and deposit control chemistry developed over 20 years in the U.K.

Engine deposition can be caused by a wide range of factors including biodiesel & biodiesel storage sediment, ULSD (Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel solubility issues), lube oil adulteration, metallic catalysts, water, dirt and other fuel additive reaction/degradation (often supplied by fuel retailers). By keeping rail & bus engines clean, fuel economy can improve up to 4-5% depending on existing engine condition. Fuel filters, fuel injectors & labour cost reductions follow with existing users reporting between 10-30% savings with extended preventative maintenance intervals.

ECOCLEAN™ HSDI provides up to 45% regulated emissions savings compared to identical engines suffering through deposition. With an optional C.N.I. (Cetane Number Improver) these savings can be extended to 47%. Through improving fuel stability and efficiency, as well as improving injector atomisation, a clean combustion of diesel fuel follows in the engine cycle. As diesel returns to the tank following high temperature and pressure, the usual instability is prevented with ECOCLEAN™ HSDI. In reducing regulated emissions, end users and rail & bus staff see an improvement in local air quality. Possible future use of Carbon Credits may also follow.

CNI = Cetane Number Improver

Through advanced fuel detergency, ECOCLEAN™ HSDI has proven engine clean up characteristics. Every major European fuel retailer uses EcoClean’s unique clean up chemistry - in their regular diesel & petrol fuels as well as to a larger degree in ‘premium’ automotive fuels. If you drive a car in Europe today there is almost a 99% chance you are already using EcoClean.

Fuelcare can exclusively now bring this product to the rail & bus industries at a fraction of the cost. The product is already used & approved by Southern Railway across their whole diesel network. ECOCLEAN™ HSDI can also now be used as part of the M77 Fuel Protection system from Fuelcare.

“After 2 years of injection, ECOCLEAN™ HSDI realised a 3% fuel saving across the Southern Diesel Turbostar fleet year-on-year. The additive has extended our preventative maintenance schedules, reduced engineering costs and on engine inspection revealed a 'like-new' engine free of coking & deposits. Fuelcare is a reliable and trusted supplier for all things regarding fuel to Southern.”

Adam Grainger
Fleet Improvement Engineer Class 171

ECOCLEAN ™ HSDI Documentation

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